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Combo Pregnancy and Ovulation Tests

Get the clear answers you need as soon as possible.

Easy-to-use at-home ovulation and pregnancy tests in one convenient combo to get the answers you need, when you need them.

The Test Pack gives you the best of our tests, at a great price!


One pack of three pregnancy tests

One pack of six ovulation tests

One time purchase CHF 33.2 CHF 29.9 / month

Swiss Startup


The details :

High quality ingredients and optimal dosages

Answers to your most frequently asked questions

We believe in confidentiality above all else. Your Plusbaby products are delivered in a plain envelope, without any reference to Plusbaby. The envelope is small enough to fit in a letterbox slot, and no signature is required.

Whether you're trying to conceive a child and want peace of mind, take out a Plusbaby subscription for ultimate convenience. You can cancel or discontinue your subscription at any time.

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