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Products designed for you and reviewed by a Doctor

We have heard your needs and all our products have been developed with you in mind. They are based on medical journals and have been approved by an FMH specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics.

100% natural, vegan, and without added substances

All our food supplements are gluten-free and vegan. They are 100% natural and contain no additives, colourings or preservatives.


Our omega 3's are made from algae.

They are of exceptional quality, rich in DHA, odourless, allergen-free and made in Europe. They are a sustainable solution that does not contribute to overfishing.

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Free and discreet delivery

Your order arrives in a discreet, unmarked envelope. Delivery is free on all home tests and subscriptions.


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Every subscription receives a 10% discount and no shipping costs.

Fertility, pregnancy and postpartum products selected or designed by doctors and based on medical journals.

Plusbaby was created to offer you a better way to take care of your health and fertility

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Reviewed and formulated by a physician and based on scientific reviews.

All products have been reviewed and approved by an FMH specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics and are based on medical and scientific reviews.

Just Quality

All our food supplements are 100% natural, vegan, gluten-free and contain no additives, colourings or preservatives.

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Products developed following the advice of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health, the Swiss Medical Journal and the WHO. All our products have been designed, reviewed and formulated with the help of a gynaecologist-obstetrician with long clinical experience*.

* Dr. A. Fischer-Stoca, Specialist FMH in Obstetrics and Gynaecological Surgery

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