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Our story

What is Plusbaby?

Plusbaby is a health brand founded by a doctor specialising in Gynaecology and Obstetrics and parents that offers products for your health, your fertility and your pregnancy that are delivered directly and discreetly to you.

And the team?

Plusbaby is a Swiss startup. We work together because we all share the same desire: to design, for you, products based on scientific and medical evidence. We want to offer you the best products with a focus on naturalness for those very special moments in life.

Where did the idea come from?

We were fed up with unclear messages, too many options that are not always very transparent, overpriced tests, taboo and emotions surrounding health, fertility and conception. So we decided to put all our experience and passion into creating Plusbaby in order to offer you excellent quality products.

What is real talk?

We want to share our knowledge so that you can get to know your body in the comfort of your home. We have created a space where you can get real answers. Here's real talk! Your health should no longer be a mystery.

6x Ovulation tests

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3x Pregnancy Tests

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Combo Pregnancy and Ovulation Tests

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