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Pregnancy tests

Es ist sehr praktisch, eine Postlieferung zu haben, da ich keine Zeit habe, zur Apotheke zu gehen.

MarlĂšne K.

I've always used Clearblue and wasn't sure I wanted to change, but these tests seem to work well.

Emilie O.

Great service!


This pregnancy test is awesome! It is affordable and easy to use, and the results are precise and clear. I have used other brands in the past and this is by far my favorite.

Sonia O.

Der Indikator war leicht zu erkennen und lieferte ein eindeutiges Ergebnis.

Marie S.

J'utilise ce test de pregnancy depuis quelques mois et j'ai toujours obtenu des résultats précis et fiables. Les instructions sont faciles à suivre et les résultats sont faciles à lire. Je recommande vivement ce produit à tous ceux qui ont besoin d'un pregnancy test fiable et abordable.

Michelle T.

Ovulation tests

Es ist einfach zu bedienen und das Ergebnis erscheint schnell. Die VorankĂŒndigung, die sie liefert, war unglaublich hilfreich.

Amélie S.

All received. Works well.


alles in Ordnung. Danke


1 Packung mit allem, was ich jeden Monat brauche, macht die Sache sehr einfach

Sophie P.

An excellent test. It helped me better understand my menstrual cycle and gave me the knowledge I need to improve my chances of conceiving a child. The test is easy to use and the results are clear and precise.

Christine R.

At first, I hesitated to try aovulationBut I'm so glad I did. This product has been a game changer for me and my partner. It has helped us better understand my cycle the information we need to improve our chances of success. conceiving a child. The test is easy to use and the results are clear and accurate. I would definitely recommend it to others.

Corinne G.

I have been using this ovulation test for several months now and I am extremely impressed with its accuracy and ease of use. The instructions are clear and the results are easy to read. I love that it gives me advance notice of when I am ovulating so that I can plan accordingly. I would highly recommend this product to anyone trying to conceive.

Anne L.


They contain everything I need and nothing else. I'm also pleased with the natural ingredients in the supplement and the fact that it contains no additives.

Christel T.

The ingredients are high quality, natural and I haven't experienced any negative side effects. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to boost their fertility.

Florelle B.

Easy to swallow.

Penny M.

J'ai un estomac délicat et les suppléments +ferti ne m'ont causé aucun problÚme.

Isabelle S.

Die Formulierung war genau das, wonach ich gesucht habe.

Brigitte D.


Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit den Vitaminen. Ich habe eine Steigerung meiner Libido festgestellt.

Stephen M.

2 a day for breakfast. It's not difficult. I really want to do what I can to give my woman and me the best chance of conceiving a child.

Christian R.

I've been taking this male fertility supplement for a few months now and I'm feeling more energetic. I hope my sperm is too! Highly recommend.

Damien H.

I love this concept and the products! Everything went well.



Ich wĂŒrde alles tun, um meiner Tochter den besten Start ins Leben zu ermöglichen, und ich bin ĂŒberzeugt, dass +Mum mir dabei hilft.

Sandra A.

This food supplement m'a sauvé la vie pendant ma période post-partum. Non seulement il m'a aidé à maintenir une production de milk saine, mais j'ai également remarqué une amélioration de mon humeur générale et de mes niveaux d'énergie.

Isabelle V.

As a first-time mum, I was a little overwhelmed by the number of different supplements on the market. I decided to give this one a try and I'm so glad I did! The easy-to-swallow capsules make it easy to incorporate into my daily routine and I've noticed a big improvement in my overall health. I would definitely recommend this product to other mothers who are looking for a high-quality supplement to support their nutritional needs during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Nathalie T.

I was a little hesitant to try this dietary supplement at first, but I'm so glad I did! The easy-to-swallow capsules are easy to incorporate into my daily routine and the home delivery is very convenient.

Sophie L.

I highly recommend this supplement to any woman looking to support her nutritional needs. during pregnancy and thebreastfeeding.

Carolina P.

I love the products!


+omega 3 vegan DHA

Eine vegane Option ist fĂŒr mich sehr wichtig.

Laurence A.

Ich wusste nicht, dass ein fischfreies Öl möglich ist. Ich bin kein Veganer, aber Umweltschutz ist mir wichtig, und DHA aus Seetang ist viel nachhaltiger als Fischöl.

Joëlle C.

Ein pflanzliches Öl, das die gleichen Vorteile wie Fischöl bietet.

Marine S.

To get this sent through the post is really convenient. I never have time to go to the shops.

Marie B.

Thanks for the vegan alternative! No risk of heavy metals.

Nadine L.


Diese Maca ist das einzig Wahre. Keine Zusatzstoffe, nur Maca.

Emmanuelle B.

Sowohl mein Mann als auch ich nehmen es ein, da ich immer mehr ĂŒber die Vorteile bei hormonellem Ungleichgewicht lese.

Anastasia D.

I want to give myself the best chance of conceiving and from what I've read online, Maca really helps.

GĂ©raldine T.

Home delivery was very quick. I also ordered pregnancy tests.

Marine Z.

Anti-Nausea Tea

Köstlich. Ich liebe diesen Tee. Er hilft wirklich bei meiner Verdauungsstörung.

Stéphanie M.

This tea settles my stomach and gives me a nice boost of energy without making me feel jittery.

Caroline P.

I absolutely love this tea! As a woman pregnantI've struggled with nausea and indigestion, but since I started drinking this tea, I've noticed a significant improvement.

Hannah B.

Son goût est délicieux et il est si apaisant. Je le recommande vivement à toute femme enceinte souffrant de morning sickness.

CĂ©line W.

It tastes wonderful and I love that it's made with all-natural ingredients.

Christine C.

Breastfeeding tea

Ich freue mich immer auf diesen Tee. 30 Beutel sind nicht genug.

Chloé P.

I used to have problems with my milk production, but after drinking this tea regularly, I noticed a significant increase. I'm not sure if it's the tea, but at least it tastes good. I'll definitely keep it in my cupboard.

Maria K.

Sehr sanft zu meinem Magen und hat eine beruhigende Wirkung.

Elaine M.

It's an excellent option for any breastfeeding mother.

Alexandra S.

The tea has a delightful, comforting flavour. I would recommend it to any breastfeeding mother looking for a natural solution.

Emily W.