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Male infertility is the cause of conception failure in up to 80% of cases, mainly due to oxidative stress and low sperm quality. An Italian study has shown that the vitamin E content in the blood of infertile men is much lower than that of fertile men. Low concentrations of vitamin E are correlated here with morphologically abnormal and less mobile spermatozoa.

Oxidative stress and insufficient vitamin E intake should therefore be avoided, especially in cases of existing fertility decline or to optimise fertility when trying to have children.

An increased intake of vitamin E can significantly increase fertility in both men and women.

Benedetti S, Tagliamonte MC, Catalani S. Reprod Biomed Online. 2012 Sep;25(3):300-6. Differences in blood and semen oxidative status in fertile and infertile men, and their relationship with sperm quality.

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